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The College of Life Sciences was authorized as one of National Training Base in Life Science and Technology in 2002, the First Characteristic Major of the Ministry of Education in 2007 and the National First-class Undergraduate Specialty Construction Point in 2020.

Biotechnology is the interdisciplinarity product of modern biology and its related subjects. Its core is based on DNA recombination technology, genetic engineering center, microbial engineering, biochemical engineering, cell engineering, biological products, and so on. The aim of the college is to training highly qualified specialists with basic theory of modern biology and biotechnology. Moreover, students can obtain elementary training using basic research and exploitation of science and technology. They should possess favorable science stuff, high consciousness of creativity, and ability of practice.

The main courses are: general biology, genetic manipulation theory, microbial fermentation engineering, botany, zoology, biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, general biology experiments, botany experiments, zoology experiments, biochemical experiments, experimental cell biology, microbiology experiments, experimental genetics, molecular biology experiments, open experiments.