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There are 107 postgraduate student supervisors in the College of Life Sciences at present, with 70 of them are doctor’s supervisors. The college has been authorized to confer Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in all disciplines in Biology (0710), which includes 6 secondary subjects as follows:

• Botany (071001)

• Zoology (071002)

• Microbiology (071005)

• Genetics (071007)

• Cell Biology (071009)

• Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (071010)

The college has also been authorized in Polymer Chemistry and Physics (070305) (Key Laboratory of Bioactive Materials, Ministry of Education), a secondary discipline belonging to Chemistry. The college has also been authorized to confer professional degree in Biology & Pharmacy.

There are approximately 734 graduate students in the College. Of these, 355 are pursuing their Ph.D. degrees and 379 are pursuing M.S. degrees. More than 70 M.S. courses and 30 Ph.D. courses are offered to graduate students.