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The college currently provides two undergraduate specialties—Biotechnology and Bioscience, with about 550 undergraduate students enrolled. There are over 700 graduate students are pursuing their M.S. or Ph.D. degrees in the college.

The college aimed at nurturing professionals of life science, which can devote to scientific research, meet our country’s strategic readjustment of the economic structure and the agent requirements of development of the biological industry.

Over the years, the annual undergraduate students in our college have been first-rate. Every year, 30%-40% of the students receive scholarships. Several classes and students are awarded the honor outstanding national class, advanced collective and advanced individuals. Every year, more than 50% students are recommended for admission or enrolled by examination to graduate program. About 20%-30% students go abroad for further education. College of Life Sciences has become the training base of high-level life science expertises.

The goal of the College of Life Sciences is to train students with high moral standards, intelligence, body, innovative spirit and questioning ability. Therefore, the college encourages students to possess high quality of innovative spirit and exploration ability by organizing and involving in various activities. A series of activities, such as the “Sports Festival” and “League Member School” have shown to be strikingly successful and reported many times by the media in Tianjin.